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Faith Related Q and A

» Can the devil still use somebody who has already proclaimed Christ?

» I'm wondering if WELS is fine with having acupuncture done. I understand that hypnosis is not something that a person should do but I'm also wondering about acupuncture. I can't find it in the question section. Thank you.

» I have always had this question and have grown up WELS and taught in the educational system. Why did the first man and woman God make sin?

» I was a WELS Lutheran. (Now, I attend a Missouri Synod church.) One thing that I still feel I need a better understanding, and was part of the reason I felt called to leave the synod, is praying with family. Why does WELS feel it is incorrect for me to say a table prayer or the Lord's prayer with my Christian brothers and sisters? Thanks in advance for helping me understand your perspective.

» I’m a little confused as to where Jesus went when he died. In the Apostles' Creed it says he “descended into hell. The third day he rose again....” Where in the Bible do I find that Jesus descended into hell? On the cross Jesus said to the thief that day he would be with him in paradise, which seems like Jesus would be in heaven right away. Thanks so much for helping clear this up for me.

» God didn't think too much of man to make him out of a pile of dirt. Eve must not have had much of a brain; she didn't know snakes cannot talk.

» When a father dies suddenly, leaving behind a wife and three daughters, all with college education and a long history of participation within the church and being confirmed in the church, is it common for the pastor and then the rest of the church to completely abandon them? Is it because as women they don't have any power/vote in the church that they are basically useless?

» What is the WELS position on decision theology?

» How do I explain the dangers of smoking and God’s plan for us to a friend in a godly way? I’m a WELS Lutheran, and have a Christian (Methodist) friend who smokes. After seeing what a relative of mine who smoked went through (gangrene, multiple amputations, necrotizing fasciitis, and eventually death), I’ve tried to explain to her the dangers of smoking. She tried cutting back, and for a while was doing well, but eventually fell back into the habit. A year after my relative passed away, we got talking about the issue once, and by then, I could tell that she couldn’t help but give up on quitting, as she asked me something to the tune of, “If God knows when we’re all going to die, anyway, what’s the point in quitting?” I couldn’t even answer that, as inside, my heart broke for her. I saw someone who would rather just give in and suffer any possible effects, than tough it out. I’ll always be a friend to her, even if she’s a smoker until her dying day, but I’d just hate to see her possibly suffer the same horrible effects that my relative and millions of others have gone through.

» I'm currently learning more about the WELS. And I like everything they believe and teach so far. My everyday question is this: what's the purpose of 1000 year reign of Christ?

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