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Flash: ON   May 25, 2019 
   Q & A, Daily Devotions, and Bible Readings
Faith Related Q and A

» Why would a member of the Church of Satan and magic get into a number of years in a relationship, hiding the fact? Can it work with one believing in God and the other doesn't?

» What is the WELS view on contemporary worship styles?

» If a man is lying to a woman before they get married and she catches him in the affair, is that biblical grounds for divorce? The lies get worse and he's on drugs. He won't pay bills or provide food and necessities for his family. She begs for him to get help and he refuses. She leaves a few times for a night to try to get him to change, but he wouldn't. I'm already divorced, just really struggling .

» My wife and I attend a WELS church. She is looking for support and wants to join a church moms group. Our church does not have one and she does not have the time or resources to start one herself. There is a Missouri Synod church nearby that has a big moms group and they meet for fellowship/prayer/Bible study. During their meetings the men meet separately for Bible study/etc. Is it biblically wrong for my wife to join that group or myself to fellowship with those men? If we knew of a local WELS moms group nearby we would look into it too. I appreciate any biblical clarity and feedback you have for helping us make wise, godly decisions. Thank you!

» How do we defend our pro-life stance? As the days go by, being anti-abortion is becoming increasingly hard to stand for and is now being associated with Al-Qaeda.

» I (a male) have been invited to volunteer teach in Indonesia for two weeks in December. I have been invited by a (female) friend. I said I would stay in a hotel. She said in her culture it is rude to rebuff an offer of accommodation. She has offered for me to live in her house for two weeks, with her family. I would be in my own room, or sharing room with her brothers. I would not be sleeping in the same room, let alone bed as her. As mentioned, her family would also be in the house at the same time (siblings, parents and cousins for Christmas celebration). Is this cohabitation?

» Does God send signs to us in our daily lives (through coincidences, dreams, etc.) about specific decisions we should make, sins to avoid, etc.?

» What happens to people who do not believe in Christianity due to a lack of exposure? (For example, people who may live remotely, or people who are of a different religion and have never been exposed to Christianity.)

» Am I correct in my belief that God decides how long we are to live, before our conception? That is, while we have a say in how we die, neither we, nor the medical profession, have any control over when. In other words, if a person commits suicide, while the choice and method are a sin, they would have otherwise died another way. For your information, I'm not trying to suggest that we shouldn't take proper care of ourselves, or refuse to go to the doctor, as I realize they are the method, as it were, of staying alive, even if not the cause.

» Can a WELS pastor date/marry a member of the church where he preaches?

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