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Flash: ON   December 11, 2018 
   Q & A, Daily Devotions, and Bible Readings
Faith Related Q and A

» In the Nicene Creed what does "He will come again to judge the living and the dead" refer to? Since we are judged at the moment of death, I take this to mean: when Jesus returns, those that are still alive in a worldly sense will be judged on that day. The living and the dead is referring to the souls of those people. The living is one that is living in faith as a Christian, and the dead is one that is dead to sin.

» Can Christians eat blood? I know the Old Testament ceremonial laws no longer need to be followed because Jesus came and fulfilled the law, and several places in the New Testament confirm that. But Acts 15:29 says we should abstain from eating blood. Given the context, this sounds like a command still applicable to post-resurrection Christians. But it doesn't seem to fit Christian freedom. Is it wrong to eat blood? (For example, coagulated blood is in some Chinese cuisine.) If so, why? Why does that apply when other rules about what we can eat were abolished?

» My newborn granddaughter will be being baptized soon in a WELS church. The baby's father is WELS, but the rest of his family (parents and siblings) are Disciples of Christ. Will his family be welcome at the baptism? They are leery of coming, for fear of being ostracized.

» What is the significance of transferring my membership? I was baptized and confirmed WELS and have always attended a WELS church. I just move for my job quite a bit and have always left my membership at the church my parents still attend to this day. The WELS church I have been going to is trying to get me to transfer to their WELS church, but I don't see what the big deal is.

» What does it mean to use God's name in vain, and can you give an example? Thank you.

» Is the RFID chip I'm hearing about people getting in their hand the mark of the beast?

» My friend is a recent WELS convert from Judaism. She is very concerned about her mother who passed as a Jew. What comfort can I give her regarding judgement day and her loved ones?

» What is the right way to light the Advent candles?

» Is it okay to drink coffee? A Mormon is telling me that it is a grave sin to drink coffee. Is wine a gift from God? Psalm 104:15 seems to suggest that it is.

» Is lying always sinful?

Today's Devotion

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