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Flash: ON   April 24, 2018 
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Faith Related Q and A

» I have been doing a lot of research on the topic of veganism and have tried multiple times to come up with a more concrete answer. What I am wondering is if this type of diet is okay for me to consume on a daily basis. Would this type of diet be sinning against God and what he had intended for me to eat?

» I'm wondering what God thinks about abortion. Could you tell us what the 2011NIV says about that in Numbers 5: 21-31, as it's a highly recommended Bible and supported and sold by Northwestern Publishing House?

» How long should a pastor stay in one place? Would 18+ years be considered lengthy? Our sermons are repetitive and our spirituality is stale.

» What is objective justification?

» Were the disciples and the apostle Paul baptized?

» My wife comes from a charismatic background. Nothing unusual came out on the subject while dating, but now I am getting some "surprises." She is starting to become negative on our liturgy and wants to see more "gifts of the Holy Spirit" again in church service, like tongue speaking, prophetic prayer and stuff like that. When I say I want to concentrate on what Jesus did for me, not gifts God has not promised to us, she gets pretty defensive. She has also claimed to have miraculously healed people through prayer on mission trips and that she has driven out demons on those same trips, so those gifts are still available to any who asks for them. Suffice it to say, this has become kind of an issue. Any advice on how to handle such claims? I am under the impression that I can't rule out her claims on healing and casting out demons because God could still actively do that stuff, if he so desired, but it is a bit of tricky subject.

» Some in our church say our pastor is preaching too much of the law and some feel as if they are being scolded. One of our council members said that if a new person attends one of our services, they won’t come back; it doesn’t make them feel good. I have talked to several of members and some don’t like the changes that our pastor has made, but they do enjoy his services and the energy he brings. My wife and I thoroughly enjoy his sermons. He has made us look deeper into our faith and to learn. I guess I don’t see how his style would upset or scare away anyone. Can too much law be preached? Is it a minister's job to make people “feel good”?

» Are all sins equal to God? Like would stealing a package of gum be the same as murdering someone in God’s eyes?

» One thing I constantly battle is the thought, "Do I really believe?" All I tend to see at times are my doubts, my worries about life, etc. I confess my sins and look to Jesus' forgiveness, but it seems as soon as I'm done I go right back to what I was doing before. I desire to grow in my faith, but I get afraid of where my faith is right now. Paul talked about not preaching in a way that would disqualify himself from the prize. I get scared about what Jesus sees about me right now. Does he see a believer or someone that just speaks the right words but really doesn't have saving faith? I get scared that I'll be rejected because my faith was fake!

» The Bible says that Jesus was three days in the tomb. He died approximately at 3:00 PM on Friday and rose sometime in the morning on Sunday. 3:00 PM Friday -> Saturday -> Sunday AM is less than 2 days. Is this a situation where we need to look at the times? Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are three different days. But the total time is less than two days.

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