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Flash: ON   March 18, 2019 
   Q & A, Daily Devotions, and Bible Readings
Faith Related Q and A

» Did Jesus really go to hell after he died? Scriptures on it...blessings.

» As an ELCA church member, will I be permitted to receive Communion in a WELS church?

» Why did God create the universe? I am struggling with understanding God’s motivation with creating us and the world. I know understanding God is a tall task. I am hoping for some explanation from the Bible as to why God created us. My sinful nature keeps me coming back to the answer that this world is some strange experiment of God’s or that he was bored. I know this is not the case because God already knows all of history. But I don’t have any other biblical truth to show insight to God’s reasoning.

» I don't understand how the forgiveness that we give to others in the Fifth Petition differs from the forgiveness that we withhold from the impenitent in the use of the Keys. The (Kuske) Catechism describes the forgiveness of the Fifth Petition as including "anyone who sins against us," and again as "all who sin against us." In response to a similar question asked earlier, Q & A did not agree with the unconditional forgiveness that writer thought necessary. When does the impenitence of "those who trespass against us" become the deciding factor in whom we forgive? Does the new Catechism clarify this in its discussion of the Fifth Petition? Thank you!

» I have recently read articles and videos saying that no one knows who wrote the gospels - that there was no way Matthew, Mark, Luke and John could have written them. They even stated that they were not even written by eyewitnesses. They had a lot of info to back this up. Please tell me this is false.

» Would God take the life of a loved one to admonish the sin that another person is involved in?

» I don't understand how Lutheran theologians reconcile James 3:9 and Gen 9:6 with the idea the image of God is completely lost in the fall. It makes more sense to me that the image became corrupted, as opposed to completely lost. How do WELS pastors interpret James 3:9 and Genesis 9:6?

» What are the differences between the WELS and the Laestadian Lutherans?

» Who is "your holy angel" in Luther's prayer? I notice that it isn't capitalized, but they must have power over "the wicked foe," who I assume is Satan.

» Luther condoned, albeit very reluctantly, Philip of Hesse taking a second wife. I say his doing so was a matter of necessity to keep alive the split from a Roman Church many times more corrupt than the actions of one single prince, but I defer to your wise counsel. Thanks & Sola Fide.

Today's Devotion

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