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Flash: ON   August 16, 2018 
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Faith Related Q and A

» Why did Jesus have to suffer such an horrendous death to forgive us our sins if it was he who forgave us our sins to begin with, assuming he is God? Why didn’t he just forgive us?

» What are the differences between the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod and Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod? And, as a follow-up, is it true that Lutherans from different synods cannot take Communion in a Wisconsin Synod church?

» Is it the will of God that the Jews would reject Jesus Christ in order for the gentiles to have salvation? Will the Jews go to hell for rejecting Christ?

» Hi, long time believer, first-time writer. I am dating a gentleman, and things are looking towards marriage. It's great, but he is Baptist. He is in line with most of WELS doctrine minus the baptism. As a couple, this has come up on what to do with the children, and we came to an agreement that the children would be raised Lutheran until 18. However, I wasn't going to force him to convert and he is OK coming to a Lutheran church. He wouldn't be able to take Communion, and he understands that. My question is: would a WELS pastor be willing to marry us given the circumstances, or will they reject it outright because he is a different denomination of Christian?

» What is "heaven"?

» I have noticed that some Catholic families utilize a "holy water font" (i.e. a hanging vessel on the wall near the front door containing holy water to bless oneself with upon entering the home) in their homes. I am wondering if this is something Martin Luther did, and if the current leadership of the WELS church has any opinions about it. The concept of it seems appealing to me but I also don't want to be taking part in anything that is not biblical. I'd like some direction on this; thank you!

» In one of the creeds I remember saying in school and church that Jesus, after he died, descended into hell. Could you please reference some Bible verses so I can understand this better?

» What are your thoughts on the book called “Two Books Against the Papacy” written by Nicolas Hunnius and Balthasar Meisner? I noticed that Northwestern Publishing House or Concordia Publishing House didn’t have this book. Is there a theological reason to this?

» Does WELS have any policies or guidelines for how its congregations or affiliated organizations are supposed to handle personal data of their members or people whom they are in regular contact with? There are especially a couple of practices I've noticed in some congregation (not necessarily WELS) that some people find objectionable: 1) Demanding that people who participate in certain activities as a prerequisite accept to have their photos etc. appearing in various "promotional material" on social media or church websites. 2) Revealing personal information on individuals in prayers or prayer requests that are broadcast in video or audio, and thus accessible to a larger audience.

» I am a conservative Episcopalian in an ever-liberal leaning church. I recently attended a WELS service and was deeply impressed by the pastor and my familiarity with the service. If I decided to change my affiliation (after 78 years), what would be the necessary steps? What would be the major (intellectual) changes I would have to make? Thank you for your attention and anticipated response.

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