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Flash: ON   July 23, 2019 
   Q & A, Daily Devotions, and Bible Readings
Faith Related Q and A

» Where do I now find locations at? I travel for work. I liked this option in the other app.

» What is the difference between Circumcision in the OT and Baptism in the NT?

» The pastor at our former congregation would worship 3 to 4 times a year at a large non-denominational church in the Chicago area. He would also attend seminars there regularly. Is this an accepted practice now in the WELS?

» Is it possible for a person to teach in a WELS elementary school if they are a member of the Missouri Synod?

» What does a submissive wife look like in Christian marriage?

» My grandson is starting to experience panic attacks, which also affects his father (my son) and me. My son stated yesterday that he is mad at God. He doesn't understand why God would create my grandson with this affliction as the boy has a very strong faith and unusual intelligence/compassion for his age. I always told my son that God intends great things for the boy to bless him like this. My son says that now the boy will never achieve any great things because God allowed the boy to be cursed with panic attacks and will be afraid all his life. What can I say to my son?

» I've read several memoirs in which the authors publicly reveal detestable acts done by their parents. However, when I look into how to approach ‎Exodus 20:12, most Christian websites acknowledge the difficultly of this commandment, but stand by it, regardless of a parent's actions. What are your thoughts on publicly "dishonoring" one's parents by talking about terrible acts they've committed via memoir, TV interview, podcast, etc. - or even to a friend or in a therapy session? Bonus question: Should one honor both their biological and adoptive parents?

» My daughter is being thrown a baby shower for her second child without being married by the father's mother. What do I do? Do I attend? Just send something to the baby? I don't celebrate this. What does our faith say?

» What kind of comfort can you give someone when their loved one commits suicide and they were supposedly a believer?

» Can you please explain Hebrews 10:26? I always thought that the sacrifice of Jesus provided infinite forgiveness from sins. I heard a Lutheran say that the verse is speaking of apostasy to the faith, though am very confused by it. I am very confused by Hebrews 10:26, to the point of feeling despair because I feel like I am not good enough to go to heaven.

Today's Devotion

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» No More Slavery – July 21, 2019

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