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Faith Related Q and A

» Can WELS members give each other Communion?

» My son has been asked to perform the wedding for a friend of his. As it is popular to acquire a certificate online to legally become "ordained" to do this, our question is where does the synod stand regarding this? Is it acceptable for him to do this for his friend? Thank you.

» What or who are the divine council, such as in Job and in Psalm 82? Are they angels? Psalm 82 seems to refer to mortal beings in 82:6-7.

» When we die, do believers go to Paradise to wait for Christ's second coming in which we will be judged before entering Heaven?

» Is it OK to hate Adam and Eve for ruining everyone's life?

» I attend a Baptist church and am studying apologetics and have joined a discussion group about evolution vs. creationism. My problem is that most of the questions that I ask evolutionists about they have good answers and when I look it up in Google, they seem to be right. So, I am starting to think that maybe Christian apologists and theologians don´t really know about biology and science and that makes me want to leave the faith.

» Concerning prayer with those who are not of the same denomination, I understand the WELS' position on fellowship and prayer. However, is it okay to pray with friends or colleagues who are not WELS members if I am leading the prayer? The same question goes for those who are still unbelievers, but are learning about God.

» How does one explain to a close relative that living together without marriage is a sin? This relative is not WELS. In fact, they are Catholic.

» I understand that women are not supposed to educate men in the Word, only women and youth. I also understand that God wants us to spread his word to all people. If my male friend has asked me, a female, to explain our Christian beliefs and educate him on it, it feels like this is a good thing to do, but hypothetically, where is that line drawn? Say it was two male friends, three or four, that would seem to go against the teaching that women are not to educate men. I hope this made sense. Thanks.

» We are new to WELS, having come from another denomination and joined about three months ago. Our council closed down Sunday School due to the COVID-19. With restrictions lifted, they have chosen not to reopen the program for kids due to COVID-19 concerns. They made allowance for adults through Zoom. The few WELS churches in our area are all partially closed. Wanting to keep our kids active, we attended a Sunday School at an LCMS congregation that is in a neighboring town. I think I understand how we broke fellowship, although it was not our intention. We did not fully understand WELS' doctrine on fellowship. What should be done when churches close or eliminate programs? When our pastor told us we broke fellowship and exposed ourselves to false doctrine by going to the LCMS church, we were confused on the false doctrine portion as our WELS church uses the same kids' Sunday School curriculum that is published by CPH.

Today's Devotion

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