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Flash: ON   December 9, 2019 
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Faith Related Q and A

» My girlfriend and I really want to move forward and possibly someday get married. She is Baptist and I am WELS Lutheran. Both of our beliefs are firm and we both don't want to agree with the other side. The deciding factor for us moving forward is whether to baptize our children as babies or to wait and do believer's baptism. What I have told her, and what I believe, is we should baptize babies because 1. Baptism creates faith 2. Receive forgiveness of sins - child would be in heaven if he/she dies 3. Babies can believe and the Bible commands us to Her response is that it seems like Lutherans just try to find some shortcut that makes sure we see our babies in heaven, if they were to pass away, and that it is twisting of God's word to just have the outcome we wish for. What should I say, and what other points should I bring up? I know it was long. Thank you!

» What does long-suffering mean? My daughter has a chronic medical condition which is hard for me to accept and deal with. I wonder if this applies?

» I am in need of something written by the WELS that explains the specific reasons the New Living Version translation is not acceptable. I don't question our stance but need help addressing it accurately and precisely with friends who like the NLV and want to see it become the official Bible of our church. I truly appreciate any specific help you can provide.

» I’m talking to a young lady whom I’m considering to date and be my future wife. I’m non-denomination and she’s WELS Lutheran. She wants her future husband to be WELS Lutheran. Is it wrong for me to convert from non-denomination to WELS Lutheran?

» I'm dying from a terminal illness. I'm frustrated because I believed Jesus would help me. The longer I suffer, the more I doubt. If there is life in heaven after death, why does the Bible say no one praises God from the grave?. A living dog is better than a dead lion? No one has ever been to heaven except the one who came from heaven? Jesus said this. I have lost everything in this life. The more I pray for faith and a relationship with God, the worse I get. Is anything God tells us in his word true? What makes Israel's God different from another society's god? Why do good God-fearing people suffer with no help? Am I not loved by the God I put all of my hope in?

» Hello: I am currently a few weeks from completing my Master's degree in counseling. Today in class we had an interesting discussion I would like to hear the Christian view on. The discussion was on the presentation of mental disorders and if certain things could be classified as a symptom. In one case, the patient reported having a premonition a loved one would die the day before they did. While it could be considered a symptom of this patient's disorder, it started a discussion if premonitions could actually be a symptom since most people at one time or another have experienced them. The experiences discussed ranged from meeting a significant other and knowing they'd marry that person, feelings to take a different route only to learn later of an accident that occurred around the time they would have been there, feeling like a loved one was going to die before they did, thinking of someone only to hear from them, etc. The discussion proceeded to speculation where they come from - God, deceased loved ones, angels, Spirit guides, etc. I don't recall Scripture talking about premonitions. What is the Christian view on premonitions and where they might come from?

» If a Christian father stands by idly as his child is being kidnapped, is he guilty of sin? I heard an Amish person say that if someone is in danger like this, they should not do anything because they believe in non-resistance. I was reading the Large Catechism and it seems to suggest that those who fail to defend their neighbors are guilty of sin. I am going to be a Christian father soon and have seen these types of things in the news, and want to know if it is right for a Christian father to defend his child or if he should stand by idly. Thank you.

» What is the biblical stance on self-defense that ends up in someone being killed/murdered in relation to the Fifth Commandment? Does God allow us to protect our family to that point, or are we charged to love our enemy and pray for those who persecute us regardless of what harm they may be intending to inflict? An example would be a home invasion or something of that sort.

» Recently, I've heard people say the Holy Spirit put words in their mind. Usually, the words they are referring to are a Bible verse. How can a person know if the words are from the Holy Spirit or something that their human mind generated? Additionally, some people claim that God "lays" something on their heart. How can a person decipher these thoughts and feelings as being from God or generated in the human mind?

» My husband would like a personalized Bible for Christmas. With so many out there, what should I look for when looking online for a Bible? Version and other info.

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