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Faith Related Q and A

» I am aware that the Bible lays out different leadership responsibilities for men and women. However, I feel like this is taken too far in the WELS. There is no biblical basis for women not to be allowed to vote in congregational meetings. If a single woman is expected to give her money to the church, it is not fair that she has no say in how that money is used. It also feels as though the leadership roles women are allowed to take up are cherry-picked. A woman leading the congregation in song as an organist or cantor is in much more of a leadership role than passing the offering plate. So my question is, since the biblical basis for women not having any leadership in the church is not strictly followed in the WELS (women having leadership as organists, Sunday school teachers, choir directors, cantors, altar guild, etc.), why are women kept from other positions where their talents could be used to further God's message?

» Scripture indicates the only allowable reasons for divorce are infidelity and abandonment/malicious desertion (Matthew 5 and I Corinthians 7).  However, what would be the Lutheran view of situations where the spouses were pressured into getting married by their parents or other authority figure, or situations where the couple married in desperation, such as cases of premarital pregnancy or to get away from an abusive parent?  I am also aware of situations where one spouse deceived the other, either directly or by lying through omission, about important issues like a large debt or a prior STD, and the deceived spouse would not have married the other spouse if they knew all the information before they got married.    I Corinthians 7:15 mentions abandonment by an unbeliever as grounds for divorce and I Corinthians 7:39 seems to indicate that we have free will in choosing whom to marry, but I am wondering about cases where there was either dishonesty or manipulation by one of the spouses prior to marriage, or serious pressure to marry from parents or elders.  Would you be able to recommend some Scripture passages or biblical principles that could be applied in such cases?  Thank you.

» Could you help me understand the context and past reason for Leviticus 21:9?

» What do we tell others regarding the subject of the rapture?

» I have been a member at our WELS church for 5 years now. I have strived to talk to all kinds of people at church in order to gain that strong community within our church. I know that God's word and truth is the most important thing at church, but I think Christian friendship/community is also important. Our church speaks truth but the community is lacking. My husband is super involved with church. He is spiritually fed. I struggle because I am raising my young children and can't quite gain those Christian friendships that I am craving. I noticed other churches in our area emphasize community. How do I know when to seek another church? I also read that children can sense when you don't want to be at church. I want to love my church but I don't. I am really struggling and wonder how to manage this when my husband has a completely different experience. I don't want to be a stumbling block to others because of my experience within our church. I have an amazing Christian community with a women's ministry I am involved in but I'm craving this at my own church.

» Can a home church celebrate Holy Communion?

» I have a friend who is a Free Mason. I know there is a reason we are not to be. Could you please explain?

» Martin Luther College (MLC) has been teaching Critical Race Theory. Has this become an official position of WELS? I'm looking for a straight answer, not rationalization. I feel terrible about the Synod having been possibly compromised.

» I am a member of a WELS church. Can I be an associate member at another synod Lutheran Church while keeping my membership intact at my WELS church?

» I am looking for a Kindle version of Concordia Self-Study Bible. What is the best NIV option?

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