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Flash: ON   January 20, 2018 
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Faith Related Q and A

» Do we ever anoint with oil a person who is sick or use anointing with oil at any other time? If so what kind of oil? I am thinking of verses like James 5:13-15, Mark 6:13.

» I was (am) of the belief that Adam (Eve) was the only one with the option of free will. I was told recently that once a person comes to faith they now have free will. Is that true?

» What is the role of the 10 Commandments for WELS Lutherans? For New Testament Christians? Does the WELS agree with Paul?

» Is it wrong to disinherit an adult child that is living in open and unrepented sin and you know that the money would be used for sinful habits? God says that we need to be good stewards and leave an inheritance for our children. Would it not be better to leave that money to a church or another area that would help the spreading of the gospel?

» Recently there was a news story about a bakery owned by Christians taken to court because they would not provide service for a wedding cake to a gay couple getting married. While every situation might be different, I was curious if that is how a Christian should behave. Didn't they miss out on an opportunity to show Christian love and speak truth while still providing a service? You wouldn't know someone is gay when it's a birthday cake. Aren't we supposed to love our neighbor? What is the correct biblical approach to social issues like these?

» I know that every doctrine in the Bible is important because all come from God. My question is, what doctrines must a person believe to be considered Christian? (For example, there will be Catholics in heaven who died trusting in Christ as their Savior, while there will not be Mormons in heaven since their doctrines involving Christ are not scriptural.) Is there a "key doctrine list" somewhere?

» What does the Bible teach about tattoos? A friend quoted Leviticus 19:28. Said the Nazi's used this as a reason to tattoo Jews since it was forbidden by God. Thus, Christians should not get tattoos. I said it was part of the Levitical laws pertaining to the Israelites and does not apply to New Testament Christians. The person was stunned that parts of the Bible no longer apply to us; felt strongly that all of Scripture applies to us.

» The lectionaries used in Lutheran churches don’t cover the whole Bible, not even the New Testament. Doesn't this contradict the instruction to preach God’s whole counsel if so many Bible passages are never preached on?

» Should I feel guilty or let leaders of my current congregation make me feel guilty if I want to move away and be closer to my adult children? There is a WELS church where I am moving to, so why do I get the feeling from others that I am doing something wrong?

» Is Time of Grace WELS or parasynodical?

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