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Flash: ON   January 26, 2020 
   Q & A, Daily Devotions, and Bible Readings
Faith Related Q and A

» Is there any reason that I should not choose cremation?

» I am a practicing WELS member and would like thank all those who take time to answer so many interesting and challenging questions on this website. I follow the Q&As closely and have grown in my faith as a result. Considering this, can you tell me if all questions are posted and answered, or do you exclude some that may be inappropriate given your audience? Also, is there a team of people that answer questions or is it limited to one or two?

» I have been reading the newly published Evangelical Heritage Version of the Bible (EHV) translated by Confessional Lutherans and so far I am highly impressed, and this translation is truly a blessing. However, I am concerned that in several places rather than stating "saved" it states "being saved." This confuses me. I know that we, as Confessional Lutherans, believe teach and confess that one is saved, so from a Confessional Lutheran standpoint how is that we are "being saved"? What exactly does this mean? Also, why, when the KJV does not translate these verses this way, why does the EHV? I've read all of Christian Dogmatics by Mueller, and, to my knowledge, it does not explain anywhere that we are "being saved," but that we are saved. Any clarification into these matters would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

» You hear the word "evangelical" thrown around in the media as a generic word for a conservative Protestant. What does it mean that the WELS is evangelical?

» Is there any insight into what happens to a baby that is miscarried or stillborn? Are there specific references in the Bible that lead to your answer?

» I'm curious to know why the definition for "sorcery" changes in Galations and the book of Revelation. In these two books it is a Greek word, pharmakeia. In the other books of the Bible, throughout the NT and OT, it's a Hebrew word meaning witchcraft. Why does this change? In the Book of Revelation it states how all the nations will be deceived by the sorcery (Greek) of men (18:23). Can you please offer some insight into this?

» I was wondering about raffles, tag sales and other type events in the church. I was raised in the conservative Lutheran church and our churches were always self- supporting, which I still favor. What is WELS' view on this? Is it just an opinion of man all of these years that giving come from the church rather than sales to the public to help support them?

» I'm just curious as to the average reimbursement that organists may be getting for playing for a service. Our congregation is in the process of possibly modifying our policy in this area. We currently pay the organist/pianist $30 per service. Thank you.

» Is there a reason why we as the WELS don’t appear to emphasize fasting as a Christian discipline? (Or maybe we do, and it’s just been my experience to have not heard much about it?) If a believer is considering a fast as a means to draw closer to God in prayer, how would one go about it? Thank you!

» How does the WELS church minister to individual churchgoers suffering from mental illness?

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