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Flash: ON   June 19, 2018 
   Q & A, Daily Devotions, and Bible Readings
Faith Related Q and A

» What does the white stone in Revelation 2:17 mean?

» Do FAQs on the wels.net site reflect the official teachings of the Wisconsin Synod? They are sometimes used by our detractors on social media sites, but should they be cited in defense as "official teachings"? On such issues as (salvation and suicide), isn't there diversity of opinion and teaching within the WELS pastorate?

» Is skiing an acceptable hobby for a Christian? I heard someone say it is too dangerous for a Christian.

» I stumbled across a discussion online where someone claimed that the Septuagint and Dead Sea Scrolls contain a much shorter version of the story of David and Goliath, where Goliath is about three feet shorter and many details are omitted. Is this true, and if so, why?

» My children were brought up WELS. They have met the one they would like to marry, but that one is of another faith. My children are considering a non-denominational church, so as to not choose their Lutheran faith, or faith of the one they want to marry. Of course I am not happy with that. We brought our kids up going to church every Sunday, Sunday school, daily devotions. It scares me that they now can consider anything other than our WELS Lutheran faith. What is something loving and caring that I can say to them, to make them think harder about it, and hopefully make the right decision? I have said to them all I can think of. I pray about this daily. I don't want to give up hope.

» What is the WELS stance on women's role in society, i.e., should women supervise men in the workplace and what is the stance on gambling, i.e., lottery tickets?

» Would it be proper for a concerned friend or relative to privately baptize a child whose parents, though raised in the Lutheran faith, have been negligent in doing so?

» What teachings of the Assemblies of God churches do not agree with our teachings?

» In today's current climate, is it appropriate for a pastor and congregational leaders to be vocal supporters of the NRA, host trainings for current/potential gun owners on church property, and post signs stating that the church property is protected by armed security? Should we be portraying our church to our community as a "Pro-Gun Church" and isolating members/visitors that disagree politically? How can this be addressed without hurting anyone's feelings? Thanks!

» Why is sin being viewed differently at churches, even in WELS churches, in today's world? It is accepted. God plainly states sin is sin and he hates it. The whole idea of adiophora has become for many pastors and religious leaders an excuse to sin. The Bible may not say anything about gambling being wrong, but it is an abuse of God's money, given as a gift and God wants that money to be managed properly. To say it is okay to gamble for whatever reason is to say that God doesn't care how we use his gifts.

Today's Devotion

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