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Faith Related Q and A

» You recently had a family devotion about God's plan under daily devotions on Isaiah 49:5-6. It said this was a conversation between God the Father and Jesus the Son. How do we come to this conclusion when verse 3 says the servant is Israel?

» Why the term last rites, last prayers?

» I've asked this question twice in the past with disappointing responses. Why doesn't WELS have an official statement regarding "Global Warming"? The same scientists who tells us that global warming is destroying the earth also tell us that the world is billions of years old, the universe was created by the "big bang,” and that all life on earth evolved from a single celled organism from a puddle of mud. That's not what we as WELS Christians believe or confess in the Apostles' or Nicene Creed. So why are you so afraid to take a stance regarding "global warming"? I was taught and believe that God controls everything, including all of the weather...good, bad and otherwise. Didn't God question Job and ask him if he knew where the storehouses were for the thunder and lightning, rain and snow? I don't think God said that he reserves the hail for times of trouble, unless "global warming" interrupts his plans. Does the WELS support the doctrine of man-made global warming?

» Sometimes when I hear people describing objective justification, they will say that "in Christ" the whole world is forgiven/justified. What does it mean to be 'in Christ' and how is the whole world "in Christ"?

» You often refer readers to a WELS statement on the roles of men and women when asked questions about the role of women in the church. If I interpret that statement correctly, women in the working world should also not have men report to them. I was in a very responsible position during my working life and had numerous men report directly to me. I had direct authority over them. Is this statement suggesting that was wrong?

» I got into an argument with someone about the second commandment. I’m not sure if WELS has the commandments in a different arrangement as other denominations, but the commandment was “You shall not make any graven image.” He was using his interpretation of this commandment to showcase that he doesn’t believe in wearing crucifixes because people are trying to formulate an image of God above, and that’s wrong (as he claims the commandment says). There’s a lot to contest what he’s saying such as, the context in which the commandment is given, the translation, etc., but in the KJV and NIV translations there’s enough slack for him to continue to believe what he believes and have a decent argument. I don’t have enough concrete support to back up the idea that the verse is only in the context of idol worshiping, and it doesn’t mean you can’t make an image of God, religious art, or wear a crucifix as an indication of your belief. Can you please help? As much support as possible would help affirm me in this idea.

» Do I need to fast? I have been a Christian my whole life and my stepmother just got into it. She is going to a non-WELS church and they teach it very differently. They are making everybody in that church fast for a whole month. I have never done it and the only thing my kids and myself can't eat are treats, and adults can only have one meal when it is 5:00 in the afternoon. I just need an opinion on what do and think about this. Thank you!

» Pastor, I have a question that has made me very confused and unworthy of being loved by God. I have long tried to get rid of the feelings towards the same gender, but they do not go away. I have prayed to God, but the feelings remain. I have not acted on these feelings and will never do so, but they never go away. They are a part of me, but that doesn’t mean I am not a follower of God. What should I do? I feel alone. I’m scared that I am not enough and will be left when he comes.

» If God wants us to believe in Jesus, why did he not tell us in the Old Testament that Jesus was the Savior? Why did he not give us a name? Everything seems to be coded or of someone's interpretation. I have been told that Jesus is all over the Old Testament. Where? Why did the early Catholic church change and add verses? The Old Testament seems to have truly been preserved by God. Why don't we see this in the New Testament? I want to believe, but why does it seem Jesus is man's invention?

» Define Epiphany.

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