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Faith Related Q and A

» Hello. What proof do we have the disciples were killed for their faith?

» The Solid Declaration, Article viii, paragraph. 72 reads..."For upon Him [Christ] the Father poured without measure the Spirit of wisdom and power, so that, as man, He has received through this personal union all knowledge and all power in deed and truth." and "...so that He [Christ, according to His human nature] not only knows some things and is ignorant of others, can do some things and is unable to do others, but [according to the assumed human nature] knows and can do all things" How do we reconcile this with the teaching that Christ doesn't know the hour of His return, and that we say Christ 'veiled" Himself according to His humanity? Doesn't that go against our own confessions that say He "knows and can do all things"?

» I was wondering if there were any government officials who were WELS. If so, who were they?

» Is it permissible for a woman to do the children's lesson during the church service?

» Are there any WELS congregations which worship in a "high church" style? By which I mean liturgical worship involving the traditional common service, chanting, vestments, and the like. Is contemporary worship more common? Who decides what form of worship an individual congregation follows? Thanks!

» Now that our churches are closed, is it acceptable for family members to give each other Communion?

» With the understanding that homosexuality is a sin, is being transgender and marrying the opposite gender a sin? As in, a male to female marrying a female to male; they are the opposite gender, so is it still considered sinning? And what is the reasoning behind considering transitioning to the opposite gender a sin?

» In the Nicene Creed we confess that we believe that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and from the Son. What does this mean?

» I am WELS. I have a neighbor who is Amish and she struggles with the Amish bishops and all of the rules and regulations. She reads the Bible a lot and believes it is the word of God. She says the bishop doesn't like her reading the Bible and she is supposed to believe that what he preaches is all she needs. I told her whenever she is told something contrary to what she has read in the Bible, ask him where in the Bible she can find that. I'm trying to help her to strengthen her faith. I'm not trying to convert her. I hope and pray you understand the question and give me some direction. Thank you.

» Lately, I've been seeing advertisements for "Bible smuggler" organizations like Open Doors USA, Mission without Borders, and The Voice of the Martyrs on my Facebook page. They claim to provide clandestine support to persecuted Christians in hostile countries. From what I've read on their websites, they seem legitimate both doctrinally and ethically, but I'm still skeptical. Are WELS missionaries familiar with such organizations? Would it be wise to make an official analysis or statement about them?

Today's Devotion

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